10weeks &1 day old

10weeks &1 day old
The day Lola arrived with me

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Day 3 with my new family

Well today has been the best so far.Mummy slave came down and I showed her just how much I like to run around!She has been far too used to me lying quietly in my bed.She took the mini people to school and came back to a lovely surprise- I didn't mess anywhere on her floor!She was a very happy mummy slave.Then she took me to the vet...she expected me to walk on that lead!!! I soon showed her it wasn't going to happen so once again I got carried and cuddled.Oh she is trained!!!The vet was very happy with me.Told mummy slave I'm a lovely example of the breed and seem a sweet little girl.I like the vet!He even gave me biscuits after injecting me!He weighed me.I am 4.5kg.Mummy slave doesn't know if that's good or normal but the vet seemed ok with it.
I've claimed myself a cuddly toy.It's a monkey.He's bigger than me but I like him so have taken him to my bed where I can curl up with him.Mummy slave and the little people think it's cute and funny.I think i might try a slipper or shoe next.I'm sure I can give mummy slave the puppy eyes and she will let me keep a slipper or shoe!Well I best go now because mummy slave is getting the little people to bed so I can have some peaceful cuddles at last!

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