10weeks &1 day old

10weeks &1 day old
The day Lola arrived with me

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Day 3 with my new family

Well today has been the best so far.Mummy slave came down and I showed her just how much I like to run around!She has been far too used to me lying quietly in my bed.She took the mini people to school and came back to a lovely surprise- I didn't mess anywhere on her floor!She was a very happy mummy slave.Then she took me to the vet...she expected me to walk on that lead!!! I soon showed her it wasn't going to happen so once again I got carried and cuddled.Oh she is trained!!!The vet was very happy with me.Told mummy slave I'm a lovely example of the breed and seem a sweet little girl.I like the vet!He even gave me biscuits after injecting me!He weighed me.I am 4.5kg.Mummy slave doesn't know if that's good or normal but the vet seemed ok with it.
I've claimed myself a cuddly toy.It's a monkey.He's bigger than me but I like him so have taken him to my bed where I can curl up with him.Mummy slave and the little people think it's cute and funny.I think i might try a slipper or shoe next.I'm sure I can give mummy slave the puppy eyes and she will let me keep a slipper or shoe!Well I best go now because mummy slave is getting the little people to bed so I can have some peaceful cuddles at last!

Monday, 23 May 2011

My 1st night and the morning after

Ok so I have decided to take this over and rewrite this.The mummy slave isn't very good at it!Sooo my 1st night away from my doggy family was ok.I didn't howl very much, and stopped howling altogether after 15 minutes.Mummy slave thinks it's because I'm a good girl...I just wanted to prove how good I can be...but only when I choose to be.
Morning arrived and mummy slave was happy that I hadn't howled the house down, but she wasn't so impressed with me not using the newspaper! To make it up to her and remind her just how cute and adorable I am I danced around her feet as she cleared up my mess.It worked and she didn't get cross..I have this mummy slave almost trained.
Mummy slave once again tried to put me on that awful thing she calls a lead.There was no way I was walking with that attached to me.Why should I do all this walking when I can just sit and get mummy slave to carry me!?
I've come off my bed a little more today.I've had great fun chewing what the mini people have left on the floor.They got nasty though and stopped leaving things around for me!Mummy slave says it's amazing how I managed to get them to clear away all their stuff when she has never managed to do it.I've also taught the mini people how to tickle my tummy on demand.This is great fun!!!
I met Kiki(the big rottweiler who also owns mummy slave) again today.Had a quick sniff of her then walked off.She's just not interesting enough for me right now,I have a whole house to explore 1st!

day 1

Today this little fluffy bundle arrived...kids had been on at me for weeks for a puppy and I caved.So along came Lola.
Day 1 has been such an eventful day in the life of a puppy. The day of seperation from mummy and daddy and brother.But also a day of new adventure,quite possibly the biggest adventure a puppy will ever have.Lot's of new people to meet and train into puppy slaves,and also a new home to explore and mark!Lola took the marking side rather seriously! It would seem Lola is only toilet trained when Lola think's it's a good idea :) Luckily I am a patient slave who saw this coming and stocked up on nice smelling puppy wipes! 1-0 to the slave then!
Lola seems to think very little of the dog lead and stubbornly sits and refuses to budge when I put it on her.During her first walk she ended up being carried half of the 'walk',the other half she spent sat in my sons pushchair!That takes us to 1-1! It isn't just on the lead that she won't walk.She has a great big dog bed and throughout the day moved a total of around 5 puppy steps away from it.So she has been carried from room to room to do her exploring!There was me thinking puppies were naturally inquisitive and liked to walk.Oh what a lesson I've been taught in such a short space of time!
When not being carried or pushed around Lola has been happily dozing or playing in her bed.It would seem that for such a little thing she requires an enormous amount of sleep! I am however not being fooled by this calm,relaxed sleepy little darling.I know that this sleepy baby who hardly moves from her bed will suddenly transform into a lively little darling who keeps me on my toes.What I don't know is when the trasnsition will happen,so I guess she holds all the aces on that 1 too!
Bedtime for Lola has so far gone rather well, too well......her bed is in the kitchen with a child gate across the doorway.Lola initially seemed rather unimpressed with this arrangement.She stood whining at the gate for about 15 minutes but soon gave in and went all quiet.So I went to peek, may well have been part of the puppy masterplan...little Lola was sat staring at the gate...must have been part of the puppy masterplan,she was waiting for me to go peek.After a quick cuddle and reminder of how she's a good girl she went back to bed and I've heard nothing since..that was a whole hour ago!So I am now off to sleep while I can and will see tomorrow exactly how much sleep Lola decided the house can have.